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Student Tax Return

Education Expense (T2202A)
+ Employment Income (T4)

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Work Visa Tax Return

Employment Income (T4)

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Permanent Resident Tax Return

Employment Income (T4)
+ Investment Income (T5)

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Sending tax refund to Japan

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Setting up direct deposit

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Tax Returns

From $48.00
  • Prices vary on number of tax slips

Sending Refund to Japan

From $25.00
  • The refund will be sent by cheque.

About Us


Ryo Yamamoto

Ryo has Diploma in Financial Management and has been living in Canada since high school. His dream is to help Japanese immigrants and visitors to live in Canada without any issues.

Paul Wang, Professional Accountant
Head of Accounting

Paul has 40 years of experience as an accountant. He worked for the BC government and a private company. As an experienced accountant, he wants everyone to file their taxes correctly.

Mai Fujisawa

Mai has many years of designing experience and has her own shop as well. Mai is resposible for advertisement designing.

Kohei Kobayashi
Sales/Tax Associate

Kouhei studied accounting with Ryo in a college. He is well connected with International students and willing to help them out with all tax issues.

Arthur Cameron
Lead Engineer

Arthur studied Economics at Simon Fraser University. He has many years of experience with web development. He is responsible for web and business growth.

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